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Manufacturing Expertise with a Timeless Work Ethic

White County, Indiana is one of the leading manufacturing sites in the state that’s ranked first in the percentage of its workforce in manufacturing. We’re located in the very center of the automotive corridor that spans from central Michigan to Alabama, putting nearly 200 OEMs and assembly facilities within a one-day drive. We’re also close to farm equipment, appliance, and medical device manufacturing centers. In addition, Indiana is a right-to-work state, so employers face few labor issues.

Our county’s extensive experience in manufacturing has produced a workforce with the skills needed by today’s advanced manufacturers, along with education providers who are dedicated to keeping our workforce pipeline full. From K-12 through postsecondary programs, educators are focused on sharpening skills in advanced manufacturing, automotive, engineering, welding, and other skills that are in high demand from today’s manufacturers.

Local manufacturers also appreciate our county’s utility infrastructure, with extremely affordable rates, making us attractive to high-volume users of electricity, water, wastewater, and other resources. Our local manufacturers have developed a tight-knit community, collaborating to achieve common needs and strengthen our area’s overall economic health.