Monticello received a city grade of A- from Elder Guide

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There are just 2 nursing homes in Monticello, Indiana, servicing a population of 15,003 people. This city’s nursing homes received a phenomenal city grade of A-, so what this place lacks in quantity, it makes up for by having high quality nursing homes. We were so impressed with this city that we ranked it as one of the five highest rated cities in the state of Indiana. This city’s profile was also very consistent as it did not receive a single weak category grade either. You can find more information about these in the next paragraph.

In addition to receiving a strong overall grade, most of the nursing homes in Monticello performed remarkably well in our inspection category. In fact, we awarded the city an A for this category, which is one of our best scores. We weigh several aspects of a nursing home’s inspection report in calculating our inspection scores. One of those factors is deficiencies. You should keep in mind that the severity of deficiencies is arguably more important than the quantity of deficiencies, as some end up being relatively minor. We also awarded this city a grade of A- in our long-term care category. Rounding out its profile, Monticello earned a B+ for its short-term care grade and a B in nursing. Monticello did not have any weak links as far as we could tell.

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